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Tom Klauer Motorsports Cares About the Community

Tom Klauer Motorsports is driven to help local communities. These efforts started several years ago by helping local communities through food drive efforts in conjunction with Pick-N-Pull/Schnitzer Steel. Free admissions and discounts were given to reward donors of food and cash donations. In 2010 the Racing To Stop Hunger camgaign was formally launched and is now supplying communitites in which we operate to desperately needed donations to a multitiude of local food bank organizations.



Racing to Stop Hunger


Racing to Stop Hunger was launched in June of 2010 by Schnitzer Steel, Metals Recycleing, Cascade Rolling Mills and Pick-N-Pull. The campaign included all operating Oregon facilities, including the corporations and its units. All company divisions collected food and donations resulting in over 448,00 meals to the Oregon Food Bank.

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